Do you have a data lab? Building out the Databases.

Last time we put the servers in place on a local domain as a laboratory.  Per the MS docs and the book this was named Contoso and lives on a 10.10.10.x subnet with a distinct switch with limited outside access only through the firewall.  Actually, the setup demands really don’t talk about internet access for the servers on the network, but in keeping with the IT tradition of ensuring the OS is patched for the latest security and the SQL instance is up to date, it seemed logical to ensure there was some type of connectivity.  Also outside of the documentation, I decided to install a workstation on the domain with the intent of managing the SQL instances all remotely, not only the Core instance but all of them.  This also let me install the SQL Server Data Tools and VS2017 along with the SQL Manager.  The SQL instances are all SQL 2014 Developer, which feature wise is identical to Enterprise Edition but keeps more in line with the lab.

Remotely, I’ll begin by installing the Adventure Works SQL 2014 demo database on SQL-A.  The method outlined in the book is to download the .mdf and .ldf files and use the Attach Database command to put the DB’s in place.  There also exists a SQL project for SSDT and a full backup which can be restored.  So, there are multiple ways to get the database in place on any of the servers, but getting them put down is what matters.

First, let’s use what the book wants us to do and attach the database and log files.  Going through that, we can assess what else needs to get done and talk about scenarios where logins need to be remapped, what that means and why.  All of that will lead into eventually creating an Availability Group, but that’s getting way ahead of myself.

This evening, as I went back into the lab to make some screenshots and get it all running again, I lost the domain controller 😦 .  An amazing stroke of bad luck, so here I go to rebuild the DC and hope that I can get the machines back on the domain.

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